Pre-Marital Counseling

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As a man and a woman prepare to commit to marriage and spending the rest of their lives together, there are some specific tools and insights that can help them get off to a good start. In pre-marital counseling we will address the issues of communication, protecting and prioritizing the marriage relationship, conflict resolution, financial management, spiritual beliefs, and other aspects of marriage that will serve to help better prepare the couple for that special wedding day.  

Attention will also be given to what each individual will be bringing with them into the marriage- including; their perceptions and expectations about marriage, what they have learned from their parents, and identifying any pain or unmet needs from their past which continues to impact the individual today.  These are just some of the areas to address prior to marriage that can help to increase the couple’s chances for a stable and fulfilling marriage.

“Preparing to marry the one you love can be both exciting and “scary”.  Being “in love” elicits euphoric feelings that promote the excitement of being with your spouse to be. These feelings, also known as romantic love, subsequently evolve into mature love. While we thank God for the privilege of loving someone, it is important to know that the feeling of love, whether romantic or mature, will not keep a marriage.  What is it that will keep your marriage?  COMMITMENT! Commitment to your spouse as their imperfections become more apparent.  Commitment to your spouse in the good times and the inevitable not so good times. Commitment to your spouse through the ebbs and flows of your feelings… So, are you ready to take this step?”