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1.  The Truth Our Tears Tell
“Like most men in America, I get uncomfortable when someone begins to cry…"

2.  Comforting Scriptures In Times of Depression and Struggle
“In times of depression or struggle, some people find it hard to pray and to read the Bible…"

3. Ten Ways To Know Your Done With Therapy
“One of the most common questions I hear from people starting therapy is "How long do you think this will take?…"

4. 6 Reasons For Not Giving Up On Your Marriage
“Are you ready to give up on your marriage?..."

5. How Do You Know If You Are Healing? (from the trauma of betrayal).
“For that matter, what is healed anyway?…."

6. Five Powerful Health Benefits of Journaling
“At the very least you've got haunting images of sticker covered notebooks filled with your childhood day to day recitations…"

7. Finding the Freedom in Forgiveness 
“We have all heard stories and seen movies about people who have spent years in prison ..."