Grief and Loss

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Whether you experience the loss of a loved one or a loss such as divorce, employment, or a relationship, the painful feelings can be overwhelming.  Numbing or avoiding the pain will not make it go away, and “time” alone does not necessarily heal all wounds.  As you journey through the pain of your loss, you will be provided a safe environment to experience and express the painful emotions that accompany grief, along with healthy ways to navigate the pain of your loss.  The Stages of Grief are utilized to provide a road map as you begin rebuilding your life and re-establishing a sense of hope and purpose after your loss.  As you travel through your grief journey it is important that you exercise self care.  Counseling can assist you with this, as well as understanding the grieving process and the normalacy of the grief response.

“What if you knew that grief was a normal and healthy part of life? What would that change as you go through the grieving process?  Actually, grief is a healthy response to loosing someone you love. There are many instances in the Bible of people who experienced loss and examples of the way in which they grieved. In fact one of the shortest verses in the Bible “Jesus wept”, occurred after the death of Lazarus.”  Grief is normal, it is hard, but it is an experience we will all experience at some level, and at some time in our life.”