Anger Management

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The emotion of anger can be empowering, and enables one to activate a “fight” response when confronted with danger or a sense of injustice.  Anger is both a normal and healthy emotion.  The word of God states that “we are to be angry but sin not” (Ephesians 4:26). 

Problems with anger arise when it is used as a coping mechanism to protect one from emotional pain, or when it becomes out of control or destructive, resulting in inflicting pain (emotional or physical) or damaging of property.  Some of the anger management tools that are incorporated in counseling include breathing techniques, slowing oneself down to allow yourself time to respond and not react, and recognizing the faulty beliefs that promote it.  In counseling it is important to understand the triggers and purpose of the anger, and to get to the “roots” of it in order to allow it to be just another normal, God given, emotion.

“Many people who come to counseling for anger management, have experienced being out of control and at the mercy of this feeling.  The anger has adversely impacted areas of their life which can include relationships, work, family, and inner peace.  The movie “The Hulk” is an extreme caricature of out of control anger.  But anger is "just" a feeling, and feelings are meant to give us information about ourselves.  You have the choice of what you do with the feeling of anger, and in counseling you are provided an opportunity to learn how to utilize that choice, and consequently, regulate your emotions.”