Abuse (Sexual & Physical)

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The tentacles of childhood abuse run deep and can be very devastating in the life of its’ victims.  Many times the trauma of abuse is not addressed until the child becomes an adult.  The abuse creates a wound in the victim’s soul that effects their identity, interpersonal relationships, and sense of value and worth.  Although this wound was not their fault and was not caused by their actions, guilt and shame are commonly experienced by the victim.   In counseling, the emotional safety of the client is of the utmost important. The counseling process is intricate and the client is gently guided, supported, and empowered as they face the task of overcoming the traumatic symptoms and grieving the losses stemming from the abuse.  As we journey to the place of hope and healing, the client is able to leave the victim role behind and see themselves not just as a survivor, but as more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus.

“As we work through the pain of the abuse, the end goal is to be able to LET GO:  Let go of its impact, let go of the shame, let go in order to walk in freedom, and let go and forgive-which in turn, brings about a deeper level of freedom.”